The users of a NEXT HUB share cars and bicycles with one other. That is why we are asking you to take a number of things into consideration.

So, whenever you use a car or bicycle:
• return the bicycle or car to the specified location on time;
• always put the electric bike or car on charge;
• ensure the tank has enough fuel, for petrol cars;
• always lock the bike, using the chain, too, if provided;
• leave the car locked and clean, and do not smoke in it.

1. Personal information

1.1 When registering for the app you are sharing various personal information with NEXT. This is subject to the Privacy Statement set out in the app, and to which you agree as part of your registration for using the app. It is your own responsibility to keep your smartphone or other mobile device and access to the app secure.

1.2 If your personal information changes, enter the details into your user account. This particularly applies to your email address, telephone number and payment details. If your information is incorrect (for example, an incorrect email address), NEXT reserves the right to put your account on hold (temporarily).

1.3 You are not permitted to let other (legal) persons have access to your user account.

2. App

2.1 To use the app you must have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device meeting the app technical requirements.

2.2 Certain core functions in the app require it to have an active internet connection. You are responsible for providing a mobile data connection. Any charges your service provider makes for data transfer are your own responsibility. You must also ensure that the battery remains charged – if the battery is low, NEXT cannot accept responsibility if you are unable to use the bicycle or car as a result. NEXT assumes that you have sufficient ways to recharge your phone and operate the lock.

3. Driving licence for car

3.1 You are only authorised to drive a car from NEXT if you hold a driver’s licence valid in the Netherlands for driving a passenger car, you have your driver’s licence with you when driving, and you meet any conditions or restrictions it may stipulate.

3.2 NEXT only accepts driving licences which have been verified (electronically) against a national register for stolen and lost driving licences. If, following verification, there may be a question of fraud, NEXT will report this to the police.

3.3 If you lose your driving licence, your driving licence is suspended or you are otherwise restricted or banned from driving, then your authorisation to drive a NEXT car will be invalid for the duration of the loss, suspension or restriction/ban.

4. Access to the car

4.1 With NEXT, you access a car using the app in combination with a password, or else in the form of a chip device (key). Unless otherwise agreed, you have to pay a one-off charge for a NEXT chip device.

4.2 Reading, copying or manipulating a key using electronic means is not permitted. Breaching this or attempting to do so shall give NEXT the authority to exclude you from the provision of services and to recover from you any costs arising from the infringement as well as any consequential loss.

4.3 You are required to report the loss, theft or destruction of a key immediately to NEXT Customer Service, so that NEXT can block the key and prevent misuse. You will be notified by e-mail that it has been blocked. You will be charged for blocking a key and creating a new one.

4.4 During the registration process you will receive or choose a password and a personal identification number (PIN), with which you can identify yourself in the NEXT car and on the app, in order to be able to drive. You are required to keep your password and PIN strictly confidential and not accessible by third parties. Under no circumstances may you write your password or PIN on the chip device or otherwise store it near the key. You agree to change the password or PIN immediately where there is reason to believe that a third party might have become aware of it.

5. Booking

5.1 You can make a booking with the app – a request to use a bicycle or car for a specific time, from a specified time and location. Bookings are only final after receiving confirmation on the app.

5.2 You can cancel the booking or change the hire period free of charge using the app, up to 2 hours before a booking starts. In the event of repeated booking cancellations without sufficient notice, NEXT shall be entitled to terminate your account.

5.3 NEXT will make every effort to have a bicycle or car suitable for use at the time specified in the booking, once a booking is confirmed. A previous user failing to return a hired bicycle or car on time, or necessary repair of faults or damage may mean that no bicycle or car is available, despite confirming the booking. If NEXT is unable to honour the confirmed booking (fully), it shall be required to make every effort to find an alternative transport option as quickly as possible. The extra costs for this can be recovered from NEXT, provided that NEXT has given its prior written approval.

5.4 NEXT Customer Service shall be entitled to contact you in the event of a fault with the bicycle or car booked. Customer Service shall have the right to ban further use of NEXT’s bicycle or car if there is reason to suspect that there has been a breach of these Terms of Use.

6. Using the service

6.1 The app gives instructions on how to lock and unlock a bicycle or car: follow these instructions carefully. If something still goes wrong, you can call NEXT Customer Service using the telephone number in the app.

6.2 You must use the bicycle or car in a normal manner, and take good care of it.
6.2.1 The bicycle is designed for one person, meaning that taking other passengers on the bicycle is not permitted.
6.2.2 To prevent incidents such as loss or theft, you should always lock the bicycle (with the chain lock, too, if provided), or the car, properly.
6.2.3 Letting someone else drive during your booking period is permitted under two conditions:1) you are physically present throughout the entire journey.2) the driver has a full HUUB account.
Please note, that as the “hirer” of the car, you are liable for any eventualities (including fines or damage). The terms and conditions can be found on this page.
6.2.4 Check the car is clean before setting off. If you report that a car is not clean by telephone before the start of your journey, it is clear to NEXT that you are not responsible for it. If you return a car which is not clean, you will be charged €25 an hour for cleaning.
6.2.5 It is forbidden to smoke in the cars, or to transport items or substances, the shape, composition or smell of which can damage the car or be a barrier to hiring out. If you do, you will be charged €25 an hour for cleaning.
6.2.6 You must use the cars following the manufacturer’s instruction manual (which can be found in the glove compartment in the car), on suitable public roads which are normally used for private vehicles, and in a safe and energy-conscious manner.
6.2.7 You must use the correct fuel.
6.2.8 You must not use NEXT bicycles and cars while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or other substances which can influence driving behaviour.
6.2.9 You must not use NEXT cars for transporting people or freight for a fee, giving driving lessons, taking part in competitions, rallies, demonstrations, tests or parades, committing an offence, towing or pushing trailers or other objects, including caravans, nor carry luggage or other loads on the roof, or overload the car or fail to load it securely.

6.3 Costs related to using the bicycle or car, including tolls and parking fees, are your responsibility.

6.4 You are responsible for additional equipment on the bicycle or car which is desired or necessary for the intended use, including regulations for carrying children.

6.5 When using a bicycle or car from NEXT you agree that NEXT may monitor the position of a bicycle or car and how it is being used, for safety reasons, analysing usage patterns, and fleet management, using a vehicle tracking system. The route and location of a bicycle or car will be communicated by NEXT to the investigating authorities at any time in the event that misappropriation, theft or any other offence relating to the bicycle or car is suspected, where this route and location are important.

6.6 You can travel abroad with the car with written permission from NEXT prior to hiring. You can submit a request for this when making the booking. Where national borders are crossed despite not having prior written permission from NEXT, then NEXT shall be entitled to seize the car immediately and have it repatriated. In this event you shall be liable for paying compensation to NEXT for the outstanding hire charges as per the booking, plus any repatriation, handling or additional costs. In these circumstances, NEXT shall accept no liability whatever to you or to third parties for damages.

7. When the booking is over

7.1 You must ensure that the bicycle or car is returned on time to the location. You can extend your booking using the app. If someone else has already booked the bicycle or car after you, NEXT will notify you what time the bicycle or car needs to be back for.If you return the bike or car late, and another user is inconvenienced as a result, a charge of €25 will be applied.

7.2 With petrol cars, make sure that the tank is at least a quarter full when you return the car to the location. You should do this using the fuel card that is provided in the car. If you do not return the car to its space with enough fuel, a charge of €25 will be applied.

7.3 For electric bicycles and cars, you should always put them on charge when possible, even during stopovers. To charge the car, use the charging card that is provided in the car. If you do not leave the electric bicycle or car at the location’s charging point, a charge of €25 will be applied.

7.4 Using the fuel and charge card for other vehicles or for purposes other than those for which it was issued is not permitted, and is also an offence. Should NEXT be able to prove any misuse, then you shall be required to reimburse NEXT for any costs for fuel or energy in accordance with a reasonable estimate from NEXT and you will also be liable to a fine of €1,000 for each event.

8. Payment

8.1 Payment may only be made using the payment methods specified in the app: iDEAL, credit card or direct debit (subscription).

8.2 If you wish to pay using DEAL, you are responsible for downloading the mobile banking app from your bank and, where necessary, obtaining the security code needed to complete the transaction.

8.3 You are required to ensure that your bank account from which the direct debit is made has sufficient funds available. Where the funds cannot be taken or are wrongly reversed, you will be sent a payment reminder to pay the amount still owing. Until then you cannot use any bicycles or cars. If the amount due is not paid within fourteen days of the payment reminder, NEXT will call in a collection agency. Any (extra) administration and collection costs shall also be charged to you.

9. Accidents, damage and breakdown

9.1 Check the bicycle or car for damage or faults before each use. Report these immediately to NEXT Customer Service when noticed – before, during or after the journey. You might be asked by NEXT to send a photo of the damage or fault.

9.2 You are required to contact NEXT immediately in the event of an accident or any event that results in damage for NEXT or for third parties. If you are unable to reach NEXT, you must notify the police on the spot.

9.3 In the event of damage or faults, repairing the bicycle or car (or having it repaired) is not permitted without the prior express permission of NEXT.

10. Theft

10.1 In the event of loss or theft of the bicycle or car you are obliged to report this immediately, but no later than within 24 hours, to NEXT Customer Service and to the police.

10.2 In the event of theft or loss of the bicycle, a standard fee of €40 for a city bike and €100 for an e-bike will be charged for each incident. In the event of negligence (for example, not having locked the bicycle properly), NEXT shall be entitled to charge a fee of €60 for a city bike and €200 for an e-bike.

10.3 Where part or parts of a bicycle (such as a battery) are missing or stolen, NEXT shall be entitled to charge you for costs in accordance with the amounts referred to in clause 10.3.

11. Liability

11.1. If you get a penalty charge for a traffic offence, you shall be liable for the costs of the penalty, any additional costs for repatriating the bicycle or car, and €10 in administration costs for each penalty charge.

11.2 You shall be liable for damage to the bicycle or car where it does not result from normal use even though these Terms of Use have been observed. Collisions and damage resulting as a consequence shall be at your own cost and risk. This shall also apply in situations where you have filled up using the wrong fuel, or where someone else has driven the vehicle where the driver acted without your knowledge, without your permission or possibly against your instructions.

11.3 You shall be responsible and liable for any damage caused by losing the key, in particular if this potentially leads to theft, damage to or misuse of the car.

12. Varying the terms

NEXT expressly reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use and the Rates. Any changes will be notified by e-mail or on the app. In making a booking following this notification, you are accepting these changes.

These conditions were last revised on 17 September, 2018.